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Psychotherapist & Counsellor

I practice as a somatic counsellor and psychotherapist who works to support increased well-being, aliveness and connection. I believe that as human beings we have an innate inner impulse moving us toward this. As stress is reduced and trauma resolved we have a greater capacity to live the life we imagined.

Areas of Expertise

Trauma recovery and resolution, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, self esteem and panic attacks.

Being a Somatic practitioner, I listen to the bodies wisdom, essentially working with curiosity and presence to allow the body to show me what it needs in terms of restoring you to wholeness. 

Events of the past (trauma) have a body memory and can continue to impact us and how we are in the world today. Bringing focused attention to bodily sensations (felt sense) can help expand our tolerance of sensations which help us trust the innate wisdom of our bodies. As we become familiar with our felt sense we begin to distinguish different sensations, increasing capacity for greater self-regulation. 

Through somatic counselling and psychotherapy's gentle body-mind orientated approach, movement toward increasing capacity for life, well-being and connection is possible.


I came to Tracy at a time when some deep pain from the past resurfaced in my life in a physical way. From the first moment I entered Tracy's therapy room, I knew I had come to the right place. She provided a sanctuary, a safe place, from which I could work with the emotions attached to the physical pain in my body through Somatic Experiencing.


It was my first time using this style of therapy and I recommend it to anybody who is tired of just talking about the past.


It helped me get beyond the words to the place where the trauma had impacted my body. It bought together the mind and body to enable deeper healing. I am very thankful for Tracy for helping me through this process at a particularly difficult time. She is someone who has obviously worked through her own stuff and was able to sensitively support me in this process.



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