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Trauma disconnects us from ourselves and from life, stifling our unfolding as human beings. It strangles our attempts to move forward and make the most of life, often leaving us with a constellation of symptoms. When our body feels uneasy, it gives us messages. The purpose of these messages is to let us know that something inside doesn't feel right and needs our attention. If these messages go unanswered, overtime they evolve into symptoms.

Dealing with trauma – How to spot the symptoms 


​The variety and severity of symptoms may be different for each person. They can range from obvious things like flashbacks, nightmares or panic attacks. Many symptoms are less obvious, even subtle,  digestive issues, headaches, migraines, depression, chronic pain or fatigue. Easily stressed, feeling spaced out or dissociated as well as neck and back pain are just a few examples of the residual effects of trauma.

Some people find they are constantly unsettled in some way without being able to identify why. Its important to note that not all these symptoms are caused exclusively by trauma, nor has everyone who exhibits one or more of these symptoms been traumatised.

What causes trauma?


Trauma can be caused by adverse and intense experiences that may have been prolonged or fleeting. Different people will respond to traumatic events in different ways.

Trauma can be triggered by any number of catalysts or events.

Some will be more obvious and others less so:

  • Abuse – sexual, physical, psychological

  • Childhood neglect

  • Road accidents

  • Injuries

  • Natural disasters

  • War or volatile environment

Less obvious causes of trauma include:     

  • Medical procedures

  • Serious Illness

  • Animal attacks

  • Robbery

  • Near drowning

  • Pre and Peri-natal trauma (for the baby and/or the mother)

  • Choking

  • High fevers

  • Bullying 

Dealing with Trauma 

Treatment for trauma and stress related issues in Brisbane


Are you experiencing the effects of trauma?

Are you wanting something different in your life?

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