Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of protection.

If unresolved, these early adaptive survival responses become habitual automatic patterns.


Dr Aline LaPierre


Understanding what our bodies are trying to say is an important part of resolving trauma and chronic stress. I have a deep curiosity for the unfelt experiences of our past showing up as symptoms in our everyday life, waiting for just the right moment to be experienced, witnessed and acknowledged.


I am able to create a caring, supportive and safe space for you to address whatever it is that has bought you to therapy.

I value building a relationship of trust and honesty with you so we can collaboratively work together toward your goals. I have a gentle, present and calm manner. This in itself is settling and reassuring for clients.


My studies in Somatic Experiencing (Trauma) and Gestalt psychotherapy have given me an understanding of the many and varied reactions we have to the human experience. Especially when it comes to threatening events and chronic stress. 


My studies have definitely helped explain why I often felt like an alien in this world. Like me I am sure many of us experience alienation and isolation, often feeling like something is just not right and there must be a better way to be in the world. I want you to know your not alone, while I cant walk in your shoes or experience what you have experienced I can walk with you on your path to well-being. 


Sessions are mostly talk based, with a focus on bodily sensations. Sensations are the language of the body. We get as curious as we can about what you are experiencing and I will often ask you to notice your physical sensations. What holds my curiosity are the unresolved issues illuminating themselves through our physical being. These are the untold expressions, the hidden stories just waiting to be heard, to be given a metaphorical voice, to be seen beyond what is conscious and maybe to be given the opportunity to communicate the untold.

Client Experience

"Over a 12 month period I was seeing Tracy on a regular basis. Initially weekly then later in the year fortnightly. During that time I experienced some of the most profound states on consciousness that have ever arisen for me.


Tracy's skilful guidance would frequently invite disowned aspects of myself back into conscious awareness. To be ever so gently felt into and released.


The end result leaving me in states of near pure silent, still, grounded presence. Quite literally revelling in bliss at times.


While the work is not without its challenging and confronting aspects, the benefits are beyond measure. The increased clarity of mind, lengthened focus of attentions, broadened spectrum of emotional experience, all contribute to an ongoing, deepened appreciation for life.


I totally recommend Somatic Experience work with Tracy to anyone looking to expand or deepen their experience of themselves"