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My Approach

Working with me...​

The initial consultation will give us a feel for whether we can do therapeutic work together. For me this involves assessing whether I am able to offer you effective therapeutic support. For you, it involves getting a feel for whether you will be able to bring whatever you need to bring to our sessions.

I care about your experience and want to build a relationship of trust with you. Resolving Trauma requires us to work together collaboratively at a pace that suits you. Initially we explore an overview of what you are seeking from therapy. This will be the first time you have met me, so while I do need to have a reasonable idea of what you are wanting, I will also be keeping in my awareness that we have just met and you don't need to reveal all. What's important is what our connection feels like, and how we respond to each other. As therapy progresses I regularly review with you, how you feel you are moving toward your goals.


There came a time in my life where things felt out of control, with no handle on how to cope with such intense emotions.


With Tracy's gentle guidance, and kind approach, she took me within, soothed the inner destruction and walked me back home into my body. Thank you Tracy.



A Clients Experience...

"I had read about Somatic Experiencing before seeing Tracy and was confident that this was the right therapy method for me, since I felt like talking about my trauma did not get me anywhere and was at times just re-traumatising.


From my first session with Tracy I felt comfortable and secure opening up and getting to know my body and mind better. Even though working through trauma is difficult, exhausting and confronting, with Tracy I felt like I had an ally by my side that empowered me and made sure that I could see how strong I am.


She always made sure to move at a pace I was comfortable with. Every session I was more and more fascinated by my body and mind and what I learnt about myself which encouraged me to put in the work in order to heal. I can say that every single session with Tracy taught me something new and therefore let me heal a bit at a time.    

I am very grateful for all her help and support and thanks to Tracy I am now equipped with many tools and healthy coping mechanisms that have improved my quality of life immensely.


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