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Therapeutic Touch

The importance of Therapeutic Touch


Therapeutic touch is a valuable addition to talk therapy in aiding trauma recovery. One of its focusses is on supporting coherence in the body. Coherence can be thought of as all of the systems in the body working together in the best way possible. 


Restoring coherence helps build capacity to deal with past traumas and stresses, creating more resilience to deal with everyday ups and downs. 

Intentional Touch work supports the body to settle, as settling occurs the underlying patterns of tension, fragmented and difficult sensations can be contacted so they can be sorted out and reorganised. Once a person taps into coherence, they can start to integrate and assimilate their experience.

Therapeutic touch sessions with me are collaborative. That is, we work together with what you are wanting for yourself. I am sensitive to your needs and check in with you about where you would like physical contact, what pressure is right for you, what you like and dislike. I guide, and am guided by you. Working in this way gives space to release stress held in the physiology slowly and gently, making way to restore aliveness, connection and well-being. 

"Wherever you have an increase of energy and a simultaneous increase in coherence, you know you're on the right track"

- Dr Peter Levine

To enquire about Therapeutic Touch, Psychotherapy and Counselling get in touch with Tracy.

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